Run The Hill Solo Battle


Competitors will be dancing to 3 different songs chosen by our competition DJ. During this round, competitors are not expected to cut or riff each other. You are welcome to do so if it happens during the course of prelims, but be sure to check out the cuttin’ etiquette below to be sure you are staying in bounds during any round of the competition.


Make it into the last round and the adventure really begins. 4 competitors will be chosen from the preliminary round and randomly ordered for the final round. What follows is a general flow of the Run The Hill portion of the competition…

  • Two finalists will be randomly chosen to go first. When the music starts and they are counted in, Competitor A and Competitor B will cut until the music fades.
  • After that has finished, our judges will quickly choose the winner. The loser will head back into the line of finalists, the winner stays and is given a point. The next finalist in line, Competitor C, will start the process over again with the winner.
  • Each finalist SHOULD get three chances to show the judges what they can do. However, one competitor can eliminate every competitor mathematically if they win enough match-ups.
    • Point Win- Winning enough match-ups that no one can catch up. Competition would be called regardless of time left.
    • Time Knockout- Win by having the most points when the 15 minute limit has expired.
  • After 15 minutes have passed, the competitor with the most points wins the competition and is crowned Ruler of the Hill. They will be invited to come back and defend their title next year.


  • Anyone can enter the competition. No role or partner needed
  • Only 4 will advance to finals. At the judges discretion, prelims can last longer to select the final 4.
  • Avoid aggressive gestures and touching other competitors
  • Remember your phrasing so that you use the maximum amount of time available to you without infringing on another competitor’s time.

Judging Criteria:

  • Blues Aesthetic- Do you actively maintain a grounded-athletic posture and pulse throughout your dance? Are you dancing in a way that is recognizable as blues? Do you utilize any blues idiom basics into your dancing?
  • Musicality- How do you as a dancer engage with the music? Is there lag in your movements? How does the music drive your movements?
  • Creativity- With a firm footing in the first two criteria, how do you as a dancer combine these elements in your dancing? Can you show us something we’ve never seen before?