About SBX

The Name

Originally a weekly dance in a venue (Southbound Cafe) that closed faster than it opened or was in operation, Blues Dance Nashville had to quickly find a new location for our weekly dance. Cumberland Park in downtown Nashville, situated on the river and providing excellent views of the skyline proved an ideal location. Thus, Southbound in the Park was born and we found a new home to dance. We named the first exchange last year in memory of our humble beginning to where we are now.

The Pose

The original logo was a pin up girl created by Gil Elvgren back in 1954 which we found a bit problematic, legally and with regards to objectification. Those concern led to the red color based redesign you’ve seen in all of our marketing. In the yearly photo contest, we encourage attendees of any background to take the photo in new and more creative directions.

The Exchange

Southbound Blues Exchange unites an incredible cast of musicians, DJs, and dancers together in Music City for another year of dancing to the blues. Experience another dance weekend in the Music City with national musical stars and our homegrown favorites. In our DJ Showcase, our guest DJs will present musical topics they have carefully crafted for your dancing and learning pleasure.

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